Most people have dealt with flies at some point during their lives in some way, as even a single fly can cause considerable nuisance and threaten to ruin the enjoyment of one’s meal or a social gathering. However, once a home or establishment does not meet certain sanitary standards while offering flies enough nutrition, the threat of a fly infestation on the premises becomes present, at which point a professional will need to be brought to the scene in order to deal with these flying pests. Our company specializes in all forms of pest control and flies are some of the most common pests for which people turn to us for help.

As flies are attracted to almost all types of human and pet food, especially the moist variety, as well as all forms of excrement, they are easily found flocking to a location that they perceive is nutritious. Being flying pests, they are much harder to deal with for the average person as they have swift reflexes and their flight is swift and elusive, not to mention the difficulty of trying to swat one fly at a time when many are present. Once flies deem a location to be consistently and easily offering nutrition to them, be it in the form of food left out in the open or excrement disposed of in unsanitary ways, they threaten to nest nearby at which point there is no choice but to bring in a pest control specialist.


House flies are by far the most common types of flies and are quick to nest and reproduce on top of being difficult to get rid of. Flies enjoy warmth and will nest in any sufficiently warm and nutritious place, and warm weather might cause the eggs to hatch in as little as half a day after they were laid. As each female can lay around five batches, each carrying up to a hundred eggs, flies can quickly become a major issue at any location not meeting sanitary standards.

If you see any fly larvae around, or witness flies hatching from larvae, you should immediately request our services as this will be a definite sign that flies are multiplying nearby. This also stands true if you are experiencing frequent bouts of recurring groups of flies being attracted to your location, as it likely means they are nesting somewhere in the vicinity.

As flies can harbor over a hundred diseases, some extremely dangerous to humans, as well as pollute any food or water they come in contact with, you should leave fly control to the professionals. Once you have contacted us and described your issue involving flies, we will send one of our trained exterminators to your location in order to eliminate the flies completely and stop them from returning. On top of drawing the existing flies out and eliminating their nest, our exterminator will also help assess what initially attracted flies to your location and then help you sanitize it in order to prevent flies from pestering you in the future.