Moles can threaten to ruin a beautiful and lush garden or agricultural soil by burrowing deep and digging long and spacey tunnels that ruin any vegetation that has been planted into the ground. Moles are persistent and elusive and can prove extremely difficult for the land owner to get rid of on their own, which is why you should contact us as soon as your notice that your soil has been compromised by these pesky creatures.

In their appearance, moles somewhat resemble rats in that they are of a similar size and covered in hair, usually dark. An average mole is about eight inches long, featuring a discernible pink snout, a short fleshy tail and clawed hands and feet that the mole uses to dig holes underground. While moles don’t reproduce nearly as often as some of the other pests that can trouble your structures or land, with each female mole giving birth only to a couple of moles in spring, they create tunnels year-round.

Moles are always on the lookout for new nutrition for their diet as the typical piece of somewhat-lush soil has everything they need, like ants, worms and beetles. Regardless of the fact that moles don’t actually feed on the vegetation planted in the soil, they nevertheless cause destruction to it as their tunnels will ruin anything that might have been planted in the immediate vicinity.


The ways for dealing with moles available to land owners are limited for various reasons. You should contact our pest control company as soon as you notice mounds forming on the surface of your land as they are an indicator that you are dealing with a mole infestation. Our pest control professional will first determine the actual location of the moles as the frequency with which they abandon their own tunnels can make them difficult to find. The exterminator in our employ will determine which of the tunnels are active and will then proceed taking the necessary steps to remove them from your property.

Traps and repellents that people use to get rid of moles on their own can prove ineffective when trying to combat mole infestations. While traps can end up catching some moles, often due to luck as it’s hard for a layman to determine which tunnels the mole is using, the crudeness of their design can leave a disgusting mess that some might be unwilling to deal with. Furthermore, chemical agents used by those lacking the appropriate knowledge can actually cause damage to the vegetation in the area on top of not being effective for removing the moles themselves.

Our pest control professional will be intimately familiar with the habits and behaviors of moles and will use state-of-the-art tools in order to remove these pests from your property. Sophisticated traps will often be used to trap the moles after baits and sound or vibration-based repellents are utilized in order to control their movement.

In order to prevent any further damage being done to your property either through continued infestation or inappropriate use of inadequate pest control tools, you should schedule an appointment with one of our professionals right away if you find yourself dealing with moles burrowing through your land.