Rodent infestation is a fairly common issue plaguing many homes and one that can pose significant dangers as well as threaten to cause lot of damage to the home. Rodents that infest a home are generally grouped into rats or mice, and both can be equally dangerous and difficult to get rid of. If you are having a rodent infestation issue, you should immediately contact us as it can be almost impossible to deal with it without the help of a trained professional.

Rodents enter a structure through various cracks and holes that can be present throughout a property. They have the ability to squeeze through holes that seem too small for them, often making home owners unaware that they are dealing with a rodent infestation. Once there, they will nest and reproduce while potentially causing great damage to one’s property, often by using their large front teeth to chew through different things that might be valuable or necessary for the smooth operation of a structure.

Rodents will also multiply rapidly and some will even do it throughout the entire year, making them very difficult to control completely even if you manage to capture or kill some – their multiplication might have already begun. To completely remove any trace of rodent infestation in your home as well as make sure some of them are not left behind looking to reproduce, you will need one of our highly-trained and knowledgeable exterminators.

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Rats and mice seek to enter homes because of the warmth they provide as well as sustenance in the form of food and water. This means that lack of cleanliness in your home can attract these rodents and you should always look to avoid having any food left out in the open as it may attract them. However, if they have already found their way inside your home, you will no longer be able to get rid of them by making sure the premises are clean and will need the assistance of a professional.

Our pest control company always urges people not to delay contacting us as soon as they notice rodents in their homes as they are not only a pest causing nuisance and damage but are also known as disease carriers. Rats often carry all sorts of diseases that can have a serious impact on the people as well as pets inside your home. Also, mice will tend to contaminate any water that they drink inside your home, making them a serious issue as water is one of the reasons they were attracted in the first place.

Rats in particular have exceptional instincts that allow them to avoid any new objects in their vicinity, making them extremely difficult to catch both through the use of bait as well as traps. Because of this, you will need one of our seasoned exterminators in order to deal with your rodent infestation problem as he or she will have the special tools and the knowledge to draw them out and capture them as well as prevent them from nesting again. If you have seen rats or mice in your home, saw signs of their damage or noticed some of their feces lying around, call us immediately to ensure the safety of those under your roof.